erik-a-viking asked:

11! (for Raya)


"11. With their favorite animal"

Sorry, I totally lost from the last week, the WoW and the work totally killed my freetime x”D (I will try to make more sketches in that friday because of that >_<) So here a sketch for the OC Art meme, what I made with Rayata. Just pick a number, and I will draw with her!:

"Who’s mommy’s big girl?"
Rayata not a crazy catlady like me, her favourite animal is her future mount, Chuchu. I don’t know too much about their story yet, but I’m sure Chuchu will be a fearsome guardian for her, and a big fluffy puppy who always sleep with her (Yeah, Sakrag, you will have some little problem xD)
Chuchu made after my real Chuchu. I always wanted to draw her alterego as a character, or one of my character’s pet, because I really love caucasian dogs (and Newfoundland dogs, Leonbergi dogs, Tibetan mastiff, Moscow Watchdog etc.) If you curious about the real Chuchu, here my big bear:

I hope, you will like them too, as I am >_<